Use of Contact Lenses: From Medical Purposes to Fun

Contact lenses are placed at the top of the cornea and usually are held in their place by the pressure created by eyelids. When the user blinks, the contact lenses moves a bit and glides over the cornea allowing the tears beneath to drain out the debris or trash which might have accumulated in the eyes. This is the basic mechanism through which the contact lenses stay on the eyes and helps a user with his/her vision.

As far as the medical purposes are concerned, contact lenses are prescribed to various people who have problems with their vision which can be linked with astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and presbyopia. It becomes difficult for a person to properly focus light if s/he gets affected by these conditions. An individual may start experiencing imperfect and blurred vision in times when the retina becomes unable to work properly.

The makings of the contact lenses vary from one to another depending on the eye condition of a particular person who is going to use them to deal with that condition.  Like, an optometrist usually measures the cornea of a patient in times when s/he is suffering from astigmatism and through the process contact lenses are made so that they can properly fit in the eyes of that particular patient. This is something that makes sure that the contact lenses will be able to direct the light rays to a particular place of the cornea, which helps a person with correcting his/her vision.

Now beside the medical purposes, these days’ contact lenses are also used as a part of fashion as well as just for fun. There are wide varieties of colour contact lenses and fun contact lenses available in the market that can be used in different occasions like in parties or during some traditional festivals (i.e. Halloween).

The coloured contact lenses will allow you to take a different look during the Halloween which might just make the whole gathering even more spicy and enjoyable.

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Colour Contact Lenses: learn about various types of lenses

Colour contact lenses are the cosmetic lenses that are normally placed on the cornea. Colour contact lenses are used for various purposes including addressing medical issues as well just for

fashion. There are mainly four types of colour contact lenses available in the market which includes: enhancement tints, light filtering lenses, opaque coloured lenses and visibility tints.

Enhancement tints are the ones that are used on contact lenses in order to give a deeper complexion to the natural colour of the eyes. The whole idea of using these colour lenses is to give more emphasize on the natural colour instead of replacing the natural look with some other colour.

One of the recent additions to the colour lenses is the light filtering lenses. These lenses are usually used by sportsmen to subdue some colours while enhancing some other colours.

The Opaque colour tints are usually used to bring complete change to the colour of the eyes. Usually these colour lenses can be found in various shades and you can choose any pair that might suit well with your skin type or complexion. Some of the popular the Opaque colour lenses include hazel green, blue and light brown.

Some people consider using normal lenses that comes with a faint blue or green tint, something that can be recognized easily. These lenses are known as the visibility tints.

It is important to keep in mind that coloured lenses should not be worn in harsh or dim lights. Your pupils are designed in a way so that they can contract or relax depending on the availability of light. In case the pupils dilate, there is a possibility of distorted vision (particularly in an environment with the availability of dim lights).

How to maintain colour lenses

The colour lenses are required to be maintained just like the normal lenses. You can use a daily lens cleaning solution to clean these lenses in order to avoid protein deposits or else you will feel very much uncomfortable while wearing them. If the lenses get exposed to protein deposits then you should use an enzyme cleaner to clean them.

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Colour Contact Lenses and Dark eyes

If you looked here and there for the right colour contact lenses for your eyes, maybe, a few years before you may have been swarmed by disappointment as the earlier generation of contacts would have slightly altered the colour of your eyes or with the bliss of the contact lenses it was now just blue which did not look anything of this earth.

The modern colour contact lenses have come a long way to be able to actually transform your eyes’ darker into sky blue or even emerald green; however, it’s important to choice the contact lenses that really works for your eyes.

Colour contact lenses can come in two separate varieties, such as the enhancement colour contact lenses and the opaque colour lenses. The enhancement colour contact lenses are usually available in various shades of gray, blue and green which enrich and brighten the existing colour complexion of your eyes colour. The enhancement colour contact lenses being translucent allow them to create a natural feel to it. The lacking of these coloured lenses is that it only is able work its effects on a lighter colour eye. When wore on a darker coloured eye, the coloured lenses would be nearly invisible, at best the colour contact lenses would show a very slight tint.

The opaque colour contacts are specially designed for darker especially brown eyes. Except for the center of the coloured lenses it is not transparent. These coloured lenses are not of solid coloured either; still they imitate the natural pattern of a human eye, even if they are just contact lenses. 

But it has to be said that not all contact lenses are capable of such a feat. I will try to focus on some of the brands of coloured lenses that can really make you feel the magic.

Freshlook Colour Blends by Ciba Vision has a range of monthly disposable colour contact lenses, these coloured lenses uses a blend of 3 different shades as it is with a human iris. The contact lenses have darker edges with lighter complexion close to the center & along with a pattern imprinted on it. Their shades of Amethyst & True Sapphire are their best works.

Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque also creates the right kind of contact lenses for users of coloured lenses, their range is comfortable and each coloured contact lense lasts for two weeks. Acuvue 2 Colour colour contact lenses are a product of Johnson & Johnson.

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